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Partner Man Dog



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Living with Basenjis

Basenji Characteristics   Basnjis as Guests   Basenjis as Stars



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Puppy Purchase:

A Pappy dog is no THROAWAY ARTICLE


We people are substitute parents and function as a social role model and carry the responsibility for the dog all his life.


Some Hints:


When the puppy has to change homes and must be accustomed to his new home and family, some training hints are advisable.



It's a very good idea to use the Basenji Language to bring up your puppy for the Living with Basenjis.


The Basenji Language consists of vocal sounds and body gestures.


Please take time for daily long walks, that is very important for Basenjis. Dont underestimate the power of Basenjis being on lash.

Basenjis need exercise and long daily walks as well mental training. Dogs need a structured everyday life with fixed times for activities because, like many other animals, they live and act habitually.



A new trend is the nonverbal training.


Because the Basenji is a freedom loving dog we should not be constantly dominate but rather build a trusting environment.


It is very important not to "humanize" the dog. Always look at your Basenji as a free animal and treat him as such. The dogs, which are brought up appropiate to the species in a basenji family together with their breeder, became self-confident and familiar dogs.


The little pups like to play and the elder ones too. They all are able to show it clearly.


Find  daily rules which has to be followed together, this means also nearly the same time to feed them or for the repeatedly walk.  Train your Basenji playful , but don't expect an obedient "good dog". Please do not try to over-train a Basenji.


Be aware of your little Basenji, if the puppy is able to stay alone . If that is clear from the beginning and observed strictly, the puppies are sleeping totally relaxed in their new home. Dogs need a structured everyday life with fixed times for activities because, like many other animals, they act habitually. A prolonged howling made when they are profoundlyy lonely.



Basenji Happiness is wellbeing.


Allow oneself a lot of golden hours with the beloved Basenjis


photo with kindly permission



Well Being is a sunny place lying in the bed, or sitting in his masters chair.


Our Basenjis


Basenjis are always looking for a warm place near the fireplace or direct to the radiator.


Health Care  is necessary for the well being of both owner and pet. The well being of man and dog requires healthy dogs. Basenjis are happy when a contented coexistence between man and dog exists. It furthers cohesion and mutual respect between man and dog.



Basenji happiness two who get along well


Well being is naturally a second Basenji, or to be in a pack of several basenjis. The happy living together with his master or his basenji pack is well being totally. As observing dogs they like to stay in the middle of the happenings. They love to be petted, to be hugged and to be with you. Find out what you want to permit your sun worshipper  to do. Find combined rules. Tastes differ about well being between man and dog. It is not a good idea to train a Basenji to be an obedient "good dog". That is absolutely not in his nature. But train  them at the beginning, with consequence, love and understanding of the Basenji Personality. The success makes the effort worthwhile and not only the Basenji happy but also you.





training aids


A prolonged howling made when they are profoundly lonely and want to call their pack back. It also happens when they must staying alone too long. The noise is tremendously for the neighborhood.  


Basenjis love most to be with you or in their Basenji pack. Staying alone is not in their natural behavior. The Basenji must be trained and accustomed to stay alone. There are some tricks e.g. treats. The crate is only for a case of emergency.


Please put a Basenji never, really never on a chain,

because he will always try to escape

and will become injured.