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Basenji characteristics


Kopf schw.w.    Kopf tri    Kopf ro.w.    Kopf brindle



 Basenjis educate the pups through playing

 I learned from the behavior of my Basenjis and tried to do it in a the same way.


Partner Man Dog

tesem Afrika Dog Tjesem Congo Terrier Prototype Dog Basenji


A pronounced characteristic of Basenjis is their pack behavior. The first playful education with the Basenji family serves as survival skill for and with fights among dogs. The alpha dog is not authoritarian but he or she has to be able to lead in important prerequisite for the survival of the pack.


Littermates  Angori and Azande  Father Burundi train his yodelling and curious puppies





Puppies Nursery at the new home.

Angori and Azande



We found out that littermates were very good companions from the beginning of their life. The two had a wonderful playtime and training with their four littermates together with their dog parents in an originally Basenji Family.


Anubar el Aton becomes the "new Basenji father"

and train and adopt Anzande and Angori.





The puppies share any nonsense and they have a lot of silly ideas.




Angori and Azande are playing the ranking fight.


Angori wants to provoke.     Azande growls but then lets him,

still growling, go on and teaches him to submit.




After this fight, the role of Azande as alpha dog was solidified. He also received the caregiving service by his underling. The little monsters can become friends and remain such for the rest of their life.


cleaning the ear




A Basenji educates through playing on the way to become the top dog.

The Basenji dominance play  serves as survival skill for fights among dogs. The playful education serves as a survival skill. The Alpha dog is not authoritarian. He or she certainly has to be able to lead. Depending on the situation, he or she takes the lead. This is an important survival skill for the entire pack in procreation and in the hunt for food.

That also can happen with my dogs. Confrontations may happen that one should watch but not stop unless it becomes deadly serious. It also may happen that the dogs signal each other to run off. One has to be sure to keep them under some control when they are running loose. Unfortunately, it may often be necessary to keep them on a long leash.


Survival training

The small one gets nipped severely

 and howls audibly.


Now he can also bite and does it too.

 The older male teach him the submissive behavior.


And, as one can see, that works out just fine.


The result is a dog friendship.


Playing the Ranking game is a very good way to be in a pack and to train survival. At play, the younger learned the behavior, necessary for survival. He learned subordination, which also included providing grooming service to the elder dog.


Cleaning the eyes



This dog friendship of my Basenjis Enzio and Fucino last for their lives




Cosima is becoming a new playmate





The Play with Guest Basenjis


Azande and Angori with Cosima and Taylor as basenji guests




Taylor's invitation to play


and off we go



It's fascinating to watch them play. To build a pack together with guest Basenjis is a lot of fun and friendship between the owners starts meanwhile.


Best freinds


The pack is built

The Basenjis trust each other in a Dog Friendship. The owner become the leader of the pack, his social role for the dogs.