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Basenjis as Stars



Kopf schw.w.    Kopf tri    Kopf ro.w.    Kopf brindle


Basenjis as rock painting models in africa


tesem Afrika Dog Tjesem Congo Terrier Prototype Dog Basenji


Rock Paintings with hunting dogs Tassili Tadrart



Photo Peter v. Sengbusch


Basenji dogs have reached notoriety in the film "Goodbye My Lady": The book from James Street, which based by the same name of this film in the 1950s


Basenjis as stars: my Lady of the Congo and Brandon de Wilde





First Basenjis in the U.S.




A Basenji bitch was used as Actor on stage in 1992 in the Comedy: " Verlängertes Wochenende " by Curt Flatow


Basenji Star Irette                     Susanne Altweger und Klaus Kaluscha





Basenji puppy on the market place in Africa

curtesy Photo Jiri Rotter


The poor ones on market places mostly ended in the cooking pot. Basenjis are used for many purposes but  I believe some are not in keeping with their race.


Basenjis as hunting helpers

Photo 1976  Your Basenji by Eveline M. Green


Although Basenjis have been used successfully in the modern day hunting, there are surely better breeds for this purpose.



 Ritual Sacrifice in Africa


Goro - vodun medical ritual in the 1980s




It is usual that dogs were sacrified in their rituals, so Basenjis too.




The god Egou, the causer of car accidents, ask for dog blood



Fotos   Die Medizin der schwarzen Götter   Haymon Vlg.



The beloved pets

Than and now. Compare yourself.


 Basenji  in Ancient Egypt



My beloved stars today