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Basenjis as guests



Kopf schw.w.    Kopf tri    Kopf ro.w.    Kopf brindle


basenji guests



tesem Afrika Dog Tjesem Congo Terrier Prototype Dog Basenji  


Basiateck's Irette and Taylor




 Anubar el Aton                                     Mokoondi Cosima



More than 1 Basenji


Our Basenjis changed homes. At the beginning of their lives in our home, we  very often invited Basenji Companions with their dogs. Vice versa we spent several visits at the home of our Basenji Friends. Each time we especially enjoy the beginning of a dog friendship between the Basenjis and their owners.


Angori and Ada



Azande Cosmo und Ada



Mokoondi's Cosmo be proofed by Azande and well groomed by his mother Ada. He is accepted. Now and then, we had Basenjis come as visitors. It always was amusing to see how they reacted and interacted. There certainly were the occasional rivalries, but there was not much we could do within so short a timeframe and the dogs had to be separated.


We have formed a pack with visiting Basenjis and had much amusement from that. This builds friendships between people and their dogs that bring the owners much pleasure.



Taylor and Angori with Azande and Cosima