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learning to stay alone


tesem Afrika Dog Tjesem Congo Terrier Prototype Dog Basenji



Basenjis donít like to stay alone. Itís boring. A Basenji left alone can make quite a racket. Basenjis get bored very easily and might be frustrated and become destructive to their  environment without something to do. It plans and executes in form of a misdemeanour his reprisal chewing a shoe or wetting the bed or a part of furniture. If you wish to avoid this it is absolutely necessary to consider if you have enough time and desire to give them enough exercise and attention. I decline to put my Basenjis in a crate. Because the freedom loving Basenjis should never be shut in, to confine them in a cage is a bad idea. It is better to take him for a walk afterwards he is tires and not up to much mischief. Mental stimulation is necessary as much as possible, assign them playfully tasks . That is very important to know if you are thinking about living together with one of these prototype dogs.



Education to stay alone

Please be strict to train them staying alone.


Staying alone Basenjis has to learn equally in their natural surroundings. Basenjis must staying alone  when the parents are hunting for food. As a basic step in the training, the pets become accustomed to being left alone together. It is nerve wracking for their owners to place so much trust in their behavior, as they donít like to stay alone. For this reason it's so important to train the dogs to stay alone. They have done their business first. To gradually leave them alone I tried to first tire them with playing or a walk.



This is the best way to avoid putting the basenji in a crate. The crate is only for emergency situations capable.


Please never ever put a Basenji on a chain, because he will always try to escape and may become seriously injured.




When they are sleeping it's the best time to go.


I trained them to stay alone, but it needs time, till the Basenjis are no longer puppies. First a short time for longer extended periods. They always get some appropriate things to the breed to play and to chew. This rule is very important if you own only one Basenji. When you are able to leave them for three to four hours, a lasting Basenji friendship is established and the Basenji is trusting in his owner's behavior.





If a Basenji gets enough exercise, such as  Free style racing or a long mutual outing, they are tired enough to fall asleep  during the time period you leave them alone.


Soon Angori also sleep




Relaxed sleeping together Angori and Azande with  guest basenjis




Basenjis need a lot of love and care and you need a lot of time and patience during the training program. The success makes the effort worthwhile.


During the date of period the female must be held separately.