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Partnership with Basenjis


tesem Afrika Dog Tjesem Congo Terrier Prototype Dog Basenji



Please take time for daily long walks, that is very important for Basenjis. Donít underestimate the power of Basenjis being on lash.

Basenjis need exercise and long daily walks as well mental training. Dogs need a structured everyday life with fixed times for activities because, like many other animals, they live and act habitually.

Next to a proper exercise program, i.e. generous walks which are vital important for Basenjis. Daily exercise is, according to my experience, the best health regimen that keeps them well in body and soul. It has been reported that Basenjis are destructive to their environment. In most cases, the cause is to be traced back to too little exercise, staying alone too long, or boredom. If you wish to avoid this it is absolutely necessary to consider if you have enough time and desire to give them enough exercise and attention, or if their is a person lend a helping hand. The Basenji is an active dog that needs daily mental and physical exercise, that means special tasks to solve as much as possible and a long walk, twice a day is necessary, more is optional, accompanied with interesting games. An additional plus is to be able to let them run in a special fenced in garden or in a specified dog run.



 For almost every Basenji, the company of a second one is ideal.


My Basenjis Enzio and Fucino lying in the sun


For discussion are the following types of exercise. They are no substitute for daily walks, so named  sniffing-run. The Basenji's exceptional sense of smell can be used during a walks in a playful way such as hide and seek .

1. Lure coursing

2. Bicycling with sprinter

3. Agility.

All these exercises is nothing but sport for the dog. At the beginning, please check your dog at the veterinarian. Standard dog sports are nothing for most Basenjis. Agility is not ideal for all of them because they frequently mark and that is not allowed on the exercise grounds. Repetitive exercises quickly bore Basenjis because they prefer hunting and tracking. I try to invent for my Basenjis activities that correspond to their nature; I look for tasks that they can accomplish daily and independently during our walks. Because they achieve them with great enthusiasm and replace sports.

 Suggestions for Tasks: All these suggestions are to be understood as a play to promote the trust in your person and to bring pleasure to both. Basenjis like to play most .


Let Basenjis balance on fallen trees; climb on top of higher tree stumps and make them sit; up and down walls, jump over small fences and creeks, even if they land in the water; they dig holes with enthusiasm, especially in meadows with mice.

Surely there are many more suggestions to train them in motions according to their race. I am curious to hear about other ideas from Basenji Companions.

Please do not forget: a Basenji requires a lot of movement, something he rarely gets. To run free does not happen sufficiently because respect for others and for leash laws. Playing with a great variety of exercises on daily walks is perfect.


What shall we do just now?



"The elder basenji needs more time to sleep.

 Spend them enough patience and love during the exercise time".  Author Sally Wallis