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Basenji Information worth knowing


Partner Man and Dog


Enzio                                                    Fucino



Our Basenji Garden



Partner Man Dog With our Basenjis we established a partnership. At once we started to build a Basenji dog friendship  and promoted the appropriate pack building also with Basenjis as guests. We learned meanwhile that it is advantageous for this race the keep more than one Basenji and desirable from the Basenji's perspective.



First registered Basenji Breeding stock in Germany

Kennel d'Casa Regina 

Photo Mrs. Berta Burkert  Poldi, Africa Import male and his litter pack


Mrs. Berta Burkert is founder of the Basenji Klub Deutschland and breeder of our dogs, Kennel d'Casa Regina. Our first Basenjis were brought up in Liberia's poldi and Asuntha's pack, a native dog family.



    Enzio                                                                        Fucino             




The parents of my dogs

           Conte Berry                       Casa d'Regina Asuntha         


     Photos and breeder Mrs. Berta Burkert



Enzio and Fucino were Yodeling masters

 and liked to do it very often.


d`Casa Regina Fucino Kalulu      d`Casa Regina Enzio



  Enzio11.07.1980 - 04.29.1994              Fucino 07.16.1982 - 08.03.1995    

Saying Goodbye


The New Ones


My subsequent Basenjis Azande  and  Angori

are Littermates, Litter day 12.19.1995  

Mrs. Dagmar Wagner  Breeder mokoondi



Azande                                                       Angori







Angori                                         Azande


Photos   S. Duddeck


Both of them were brought up in a happy Basenji Family together with their dog parents and the pack of the breeder, who familiarized them very well.



Angori                                          Azande



The parents   ti-n Abou Teka Cocuri  Faraoland Nile Wild Burundi

  12.25.1992  -  21.05.2009                    12.07.1992 - 12.17.2008




 Saying Goodbye




My beloved Azande 12.19.1995 06.07.2010

decided to go over the rainbow bridge.

He died of liver and kidney failure that originated in poisoning as a puppy.



My beloved Basenji Angori 12.19.1995 06.07.2012

decided to go over the rainbow bridge.

He died of liver and kidney failure that originated in poisoning as a puppy.


On Christmas Eve 1996, both dogs, when running free on the banks of the Rhine, ate poison that someone had put out. We never found out who was responsible for this barbaric act but our veterinarian came to her office that evening and each day after it for an entire week and saved the life of our dogs. We will never forget her professionalism!


Azande and Angori were my last Basenjis. I believe I have had a wonderful time with Basenjis.

For the time being, I will do my very best to continue to promote the knowledge about the appropriate handling of Basenjis.