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 Is the homeland of the Basenji breed Africa? Yes.


Schensis are among the oldest members of the canis familaris race. Basenjis are prototype dogs, assigned as Schensis, that howl ("yodel") instead of barking (compare wolf and jackal). They are know in the Bantu language Kiswahili as Schensi dogs. The name Basenji is derived from the Bantu language. As Schensi dogs they live in the equatorial zone, the hoe-farming culture. Schensis are identifiable by erect ears, a reddish fur, and short hair.  They were made useful in hunting. In contrast to the Pariahs who live independently from humans, Schensis belong to a person have a name and are valued either for personal reasons ( family dog, hunting dog ) or because of their market value. Basenjis live in a pack with their tribes, but they must be clever to find enough food for survival.




 Basenji Schensi-dog in Africa today

Photo courtesy of J.Rotter



The most convincing theory about the lineage of Basenjis relies on paintings in the Sahara of Northern Africa. The rock paintings show hunting dogs very similar to Basenjis. At the beginning of 20th century, rock paintings were discovered in increasing numbers in the caves of Africa. Newer archeological research might provide more knowledge about Basenjis.



Schensi dogs cave paintings Teshouinat

Photo Sahara Art Rupestre  Les Editions de L'amateur


Rock Paintings with hunting dogs Tassili Tadrart

Photo Peter v. Sengbusch


Relief Tomb of Sarenput
   Hunting with Basenjis   Africa rock paintings