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First Basenji Standard




The  first ever produced Basenji Standard June 24th,1942  reproduced by kind permission of The Basenji Club of Great Britain      


Standard Points of the Basenji and general description of the breed


The standard. Revised at the Special General Meeting of the Basenji Club of Great Britain, June 24th, 1942. President: Lady Helen Nutting. Major George Richards, M.C., in the chair.


Height. Approximately 16 inches bitches, 17 inches dogs


Head. Of medium width, not coarse, tapering towards the eyes, well chiselled with lofty carriage. The skull should be flat. The foreface should taper from eye to muzzle, and should be shorter than the skull. Teeth should be level. Wrinkles appear upon the forehead when ears are pricked, giving expression. these are a special characteristic of the Basenji, but exaggerated wrinkle is to be avoided, as the excessive loose skin tends to give a Bloodhound appearance and spoils the clean lines of the breed.


Nose. Black greatly desired, but pinkish tinge should not penalise an otherwise first-class specimen.


Ears. Should be pointed and erect, set well forward, and of fine texture.


Eyes. Dark hazel, almond shaped, small, deep set and far-seeing.


Neck. Of sufficient length, well crested and slightly full at the base of the throat. It should be well set into flat laid-back shoulders.


Chest. Deep and of medium width.


Body. The body should be short and level. The ribs well sprung with plenty of heart room and deep brisket, should coupled and ending in a definite waist.


Legs. Straight with clean bone and well-defined sinews.

Pasterns straight rather than otherwise, but not of the Fox Terrier type.


Feet. Small, narrow, with well-arched toes.


Hindquarters. should be strong and muscular, with hocks well let down, and turned neither in nor out, with long second thighs.


Tail. Should be set on top and curled tightly over one side.


Colour. Chestnut with white points and tail tip, also black and white, and black, tan and white.


Coat. Short and silky, skin very pliant.


Movement. Both hind legs and forelegs should be carried straight forward with swinging stride, greatly resembling that of a race-horse trotting full out, this swift tireless running gait being a special characteristic of the breed.


General characteristics. Basenjis do not bark. The appearance should be one of springy poise and alertness, greatly resembling an antelope.


At the Annual General Meeting, April 29th, 1946 the following additions were made:-


Weight. Approximately 22 lb. bitches, 24 lb. dogs.


Colour. Creams are banned from showing and breeding.